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Delonghi espresso machines next to Jura are one of the most reliable machines. Delonghi machines can last for years if low mineral water is used. Delonghi machines do not need to be overhauled like Jura machines. It is important to remove and rinse out the infuser at least once a week. Also clean the inside of the machine at least once a month. Accumulation of coffee can produce "empty grounds" error message. The grinder can choke the machine if it is set too fine.  

In time you may notice the machine is leaking water or the machine is louder than usual. Delonghi machines are more prone to leaks than Jura. If you see steam coming out of the machine it usually means water is slowly leaking out and produces steam as it spills onto the hot boiler. Machine will display "General Alarm". The seals in the infuser may need to be replaced or lubricated. The steam from the milk frother may be weak or not working properly. The pump on the machine usually needs to be replaced after a few years.

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